The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sexual Abuse

“The LDS Church has long had a highly effective approach for preventing and responding to abuse. In fact, no religious organization has done more. Although no one system is perfect and no single program will work with every organization, the LDS Church’s approach is the gold standard.”

–  Von G. Keetch, chief outside legal counsel for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints    Deseret News, Jun 5, 2010

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Protecting Members and Reporting Abuse

Seven years of sex abuse: How Mormon officials let it happen


Paul Douglas Adams

Robert Berchtold

Keith Kenneth Bergstresser Jr.

Andrew Bishop

Joseph L. Bishop, former MTC president

Susan Brock

Brent Neil Brown

Paul Burdick, former bishop

Michael James Clay, former BYU professor

Michael Adam Davis

Todd Mitchell Edwards, former bishop

Francis Heber Fuller, former bishop

Matthew Hack

Timothy Jame Hallows, former bishop

Jeffrey Byron Head, former bishop

Lon Kennard Sr., former bishop

Michael Jensen

Carl Johnson, former bishop

Dr. Melvin Kay Johnson

Richard Michael Martin

Timothy McCleve, former bishop

Marcelo Moreno

Gerald E. Mortimer, former LDS Temple president

David Moss, former bishop

Lonnie Kent Nyman

Michael J. Pratt, former LDS seminary principal

Christopher Jeremy Prue

Lowell Robison

Darran Scott

Kevin Sykes

Keith Vallejo, former bishop

Sterling Van Wagenen

Do higher LDS priesthood leader bear any Command Responsibility when lower leaders under their authority commit sexual abuse or other forms of unrighteous dominion?

What is gained by cover-ups of sexual abuse?


Other Notable Crimes

Michael Haight

Paul Peterson


Protect Every Child

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