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Fear of Men

Fear of men and their judgments is a hard thing to overcome.

– J Paul Wright

Warring against the Saints

“Individual orientation to the Church of the Lamb or to the great and abominable church is not by membership but by loyalty. Just as there are Latter-day Saints who belong to the great and abominable church because of their loyalty to Satan and his life-style, so there are members of other churches who belong to the Lamb because of their loyalty to him and his life-style. Membership is based more on who has your heart than on who has your records.

Latter-day Saints have erred in believing that some specific denomination, to the exclusion of all others, [represents one or the other]. This is dangerous.”

Warring Against the Saints, Stephen E. Robinson, Ensign, January 1988

* * *

When this article was written in 1988 for the Ensign Magazine, Stephen E. Robinson was an associate professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University and a high councilor in the BYU Second Stake.