Monthly Archives: May, 2022


I am an active but very nuanced member of the LDS Church in the Seattle area. I went to the Saturday morning cleaning assignment at our ward building this morning. I talked with two very faithful brothers at the end. They were outraged that the trash in the outside dumpster is piling up. The trash removal company is no longer providing service because…. they have not been paid since last October! Apparently, the LDS Church has some company in Atlanta, GA that is supposed to pay the trash collection bill.

The tithing that my wife and I pay would more than cover the trash removal fee. What is going on?

Is this how the LDS Church drums up investment funds for Ensign Peak using the interest on float / pending payments?

The Church teaches its members to be honest and financially self-reliant. I assume this means that members should pay their bills on time. Why does the Church exempt itself from this counsel?

– Tom Irvine