Millenarianism & Hope for a Kinder World

The increasingly wicked trajectory of the world is common theme in LDS general authority talks. In reality, society has improved in some ways and backtracked in others.

Here are some thoughtful observations from Lindsay Hansen Park:

One of the most frustrating things being surrounded daily by Millenarianism, is that you are completely enmeshed in a system of people who depend on the world getting worse to validate their religious ideas.

Too often, progress and advancements for women, POC, lgbt and other marginalized groups, becomes a threat. Things that make the world better and kinder for more people, have to be viewed as wicked- when in fact, they are liberating.

It’s gross and exhausting living around people who depend on a bleak outcome for their own spiritual liberation at the cost of liberation for living, breathing humans that exist in the now.

(End quote)

I share Lindsay’s hope for a kinder world.

– Tom Irvine

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