Sam Young’s Update Message


We petitioned for this. We marched for this. 1,000’s of stories of abuse were openly shared for this. A damn long hunger strike was held for this. And here it is…highlighted in the April 2021 Liahona. The official publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In this article, the wife has left the church. The marriage is tenuous. Three suggestions on how to work through faith differences are proposed by the believing husband. Only ONE specific issue was mentioned. And it’s a doozie. -The Wife felt uncomfortable with one-on-one youth interviews and the questions that could be posed to their children!!! After discussion, believing husband and unbelieving wife agree that one of them would always be present with their kids. Together, they spoke with the bishop. He was supportive.YES!!!

.My friends, we did this. Thank you and congratulations.

Liahona, Maintaining Hope

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