LDS Church Surveys

Kyle Ashworth, Guest Post

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I’ve recently noticed an uptick in LDS church surveys being sent to active, disfranchised, and distant members.

With the Church, I never quite understand their motives—so I don’t want to speculate on why they do what they do. But one thing is more certain: the Church creates an atmosphere that prohibits open discussion and dialogue—but somehow they have to employ surveys to hear the “truth” from their members.

Imagine a world (church) where discussion of nuance and disagreement could take place in a two hour block, and freely accepted. Imagine a revelatory church where it’s issues could be forewarned long before the pews became empty and bare. Imagine a place of worship so strong that it’s strength is measured by the happiness of its members and not by the hiding of its history.

Surveys can only tell a fraction of the story, but the sound of feet leaving the chapels write novels. Hopefully someone is reading the surveys and listening to the doors close.


Tom Irvine’s comment: My eldest son who is less active received one of these survey requests and submitted his answers. One of his biggest concerns was the “worthiness interviews” which triggered his scrupulosity, a form of OCD.

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