No Child is “Bitter Fruit”

General Conference can potentially be a collective spiritual experience like the people who were reborn at King Benjamin’s address in the Book of Mormon. General Conference can fulfill many noble and needed purposes. But for some of us it can trigger PTSD. Sadly, I have seen too many local priesthood leaders weaponize and brandish statements made by the Brethren at conference and elsewhere. I have experienced the resulting unrighteous dominion numerous times.

I very sadly envision some well meaning but misguided bishop or stake president calling an expecting, unwed mother into his office and reading Elder Christofferson’s quote to her. Such a woman needs our support and prayers rather than chastisement. Imagine Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Should we require an adulteress to wear a scarlet letter, as the one Hester wore in the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel?

– Tom Irvine

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